Hey, I’m Johnny, a Loughton based photographer. Aside from the obvious things like having great photos, it’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer and to have confidence in what they can do.

With over 8 years experience in Photography, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients such as BMW, The Royal British Legion and The Lawyer Magazine while also being able to shoot some of the most quaint and unique weddings in Essex. 

I do more than just weddings. I love working with animals & have experience working with a number of different breeds and animals. From Dogs, cats and rabbits to chameleons and snakes!

I’ve decided to extend the Fire Pixel Photography brand by incorporating something I’m passionate and excited about which is pet photography. As an animal lover, I know just what to deliver for my clients.

Whether it’s a quirky bark that only your pup has or a mean looking chameleon – we will capture it. 

What is my style?

I offer a non-intrusive style to get the often expected shots but I’m always looking for that special glance, gentle kiss or unsuspecting tear. I like to tell my clients that I’ll be there but you won’t know it! 

From photo books, USB or digital download to having your pets 3D modeled, I make sure that whatever you’re looking for – I deliver.

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